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The Four Medical Sciences of the Early Tradition

The School of Four Medical Sciences of the Early Tradition, located in Kathmandu, was founded with the aim of improving the access to health care for Tibetan refugees and local habitants in remote Himalayan regions, as well as to preserve the knowledge of ancient Tibetan medical sciences.
Traditional Tibetan medicine is an ancient comprehensive system with a holistic approach to healing, and is gaining worldwide interest and acclaim as a relevant and effective therapy.
By establishing a school with a full curriculum under the guidance of acclaimed, experience doctors, we can ensure not only the continuation of this rich medical knowledge in its entirety, but also the purity and quality of the herbal medicines produced on the premises, leading eventually to collaboration with western medical disciplines.
The School is training young people for the degree of Doctor of Tibetan Medicine (Amchi, 9 years) and as qualified nurses and healthcare workers (5 years). At present 13 students (boys and girls) are prosecuting their studies in extremely basic conditions. The School hopes to develop the conditions to train 15-20 students every year, in order to increase the number of doctors and qualified healthcare workers.
All the students come from remote mountain regions of Nepal, in particular Dhorpatan, Dolpo and Mustang. The area lacks healthcare facilities and villagers are forced to undertake a 4-5 day walk to the nearest simple clinic, or further to a proper hospital. Many die on the way.
After getting their degree, students and their families will find the means of earning a regular income, and their skills will contribute to improve the living conditions at their region of origin.
Alongside with providing full teaching and training in traditional Tibetan medicine, this school runs a charity clinic.