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Mandalas: Mirrors of the Cosmos A unique exhibition with 16 extraordinary Mandalas

A Mandala is an ancient and potent symbol found in several Asian religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Bon.The Tibetan word for mandala, kyingkor, means ‘centre [and] circle.’ This term implies an intimate relationship between the core and the periphery, as noted by Professor Charles Ramble, in the introduction of the exhibition catalogue.

The sixteen unique mandalas of this exhibition were specifically commissioned for the Mandalas: Mirrors of the Cosmos art exhibition that will open on October 17, 2013 at Bel Air Fine Art Gallery in Geneva, Switzerland. Every mandala was drawn and painted according to the precise iconometric prescriptions set out in the ancient texts of the Bon religion.

BON 10If you want to own any of these mandala paintings, please contact us at for more details. For those interested in obtaining the official Mandalas: Mirrors of the Cosmos Art Exhibition Catalog, please click here. All proceeds will directly fund the International Himalayan School Programme in Siliguri, India.
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When you contribute to this programme, you will play a critical role in preserving this unique Himalayan tradition for future generations.