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International Himalayan School in Siliguri, India.
In late June, two architects arrived from Architecture & Développement (A&D) in Siliguri, India to train local villagers how to use gabion for the construction of the International Himalayan School.
Gabion is a durable and sustainable construction method that has been used for hundreds of years.  Among its many advantages, gabion is easy to make and is extremely sturdy.  The wire cages that contain the rocks can last up to 50 years and the boxes themselves can remain remarkably stable during an earthquake.
As a result of this workshop, the villagers will know the latest innovative techniques in gabion construction and design.  Soon after the training ends, they will participate in the construction of the school’s parameter wall in late July.
The wall is scheduled for completion in mid-August.  Below is a picture of where the construction of the wall is set to begin.

Siliguri June 2013

This project is managed by EVA and in cooperation with its partners, A&D and the Sherig Phuntsok Ling Bon Society (SPLBS) as well as a network of local partners.  Please consider making a donation to this project.  Your help will significantly impact the lives others and help us complete the school on time.