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The Sherig Phuntsok Ling Bon Society (SPLBS)The Sherig Phuntsok Ling Bon Society (SPLBS) is an Indian-based non-governmental organization that was created in 2007. Their mission is to provide support to local Himalayan communities who are at risk of losing their cultural identity while creating the necessary avenues for their economic and social integration. SPLBS also provides social assistance to the poor, the elderly, and the disabled. Their support sometimes includes assisting with the construction of local orphanages and rehabilitation centers and participating in rural social development programs. By building schools and financially supporting students, SPLBS is committed to giving Himalayan children the best possible chance of future success. SPLBS also aims to preserve several Himalayan spiritual traditions by collecting and preserving ancient manuscripts, artwork, monuments, and monasteries.

Architecture & Development (A&D)Architecture & Developpement (A&D) is a Paris-based non-governmental organization established that was 1997. A&D’s objective is to reinforce the competences of the architects as actors of the development process. The organization also emphasizes their social role as global citizens helping the vulnerable and divested populations of the North and the South. A&D contributes to a network of expertise and capacity building in several fields of intervention, including environmentally responsive architecture, linking of the urban and rural development, response to the humanitarian and the post-disaster emergency situations and the conservation of our built and cultural heritage. With their multicultural approach and a team of multi-disciplinary experts, A&D contributes to international solidarity training programmes, organization of in North / South and South/ South exchanges and the implementation of development projects through a system of cooperation and partnerships.

AdolescentaThe Adolescenta Foundation is a Romanian-based non-governmental organization that was established in 1997. The purpose and objectives of the Adolescenta Foundation are to: promote cultural and ethical values in the children and youth of Romania; promote equal and fair access to education and training opportunities for children and youth in Romania; stimulate creative and recreational activities for children and youth; support personal development of youth by encouraging learning and skills development through continued training and career development opportunities for youth aged 14-18; provide moral and material rewards to young people who have outstanding results in school and extra-curricular activities; and establish partnerships with national and international organisations to achieve these goals. The partnership agreement between EVA and Adolescenta Foundation includes activities related to the organization of educational and cultural events, such as exhibitions, symposia, cultural exchanges, competitions, and book fairs, in Romania focused on the promotion of education and training opportunities for Romanian youth.

Translators without Borders
Translators without Borders 
assists in translating more than two million words per year for NGOs.


L’ASSOCIATION AOM is a non-profit and non-denominational association of public service that seeks to create new social and environmental realities through the development of Social Businesses and Social Projects in the areas of preventive and holistic health, education and culture, environmental health and socio-economic development.

Untitled4 copyAOM YOGA is a Geneva based community yoga center that offers accessible preventive and holistic health modalities, primarily through the practice of yoga to the local community. It is also engaged in outreach activities that includes Yoga for children with ADHD and Autism and a program supporting Women and Children that have been pulled out of the sex trade in India.

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