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The Enlightened Vision Association (EVA) is a non-profit association that was created on 29 March 2011, in Geneva, Switzerland.

The goals of EVA are underscored by our collective belief to protect marginalised groups from threats to their economic and social way of life. Through our projects, we aim to ameliorate the root causes of their problems, such as poor educational opportunities, poverty, and other dire socio-economic conditions, by engaging in comprehensive capacity building projects. We believe that our projects will develop the abilities of these local Himalayan communities so that they can better integrate into the society to which they belong while enabling their social and economical empowerment.

EVA is a neutral, non-political and non-denominational organisation.

Our objectives:

Provide support to local communities in the Himalayan region and help them preserve their cultural traditions through education, training and employment opportunities.
Build individual and communal capacities by providing vocational training and employment opportunities to promote the socio-economic integration of local communities into the society to which they belong.
Identify and promote historically and culturally significant practices, such as arts and crafts from the Himalayan region, beyond their borders.

Picture 613 copyPhoto courtesy of Ieva Rute