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TISE Himalayan International School Programme (THIS) in Siliguri, India

Tise Himalayan International School (THIS) has been established to give children of a cultural Tibetan background scattered in many Himalayan countries, a school that would enable them have access to quality education while preserving their cultural, linguistic and spiritual traditions. The school is built near Siliguri, an emerging industrial city in northeastern India, easily accessible from all countries in the Himalayas region where a large number of Tibetan families live.

The Beginning
In December 2017, the newly constructed building of Tise Himalayan International School in Siliguri/West-Bengal (India) opened its doors. On 29 March 2018, the official school year 2018/2019 started with 70 children living at THIS-boarding school. The children coming from regions in Nepal met in Kathmandu for a medical checkup and started the journey to their new school together. There, they were heartily welcomed by their new teachers and educators. Since then, more children arrived and they have become friends and a school-family, living and learning together, supporting each other.

At THIS, the children receive both a modern and traditional education. English language and science classes, as well as computer training, are parts of the modern content which is complemented by traditional values and Tibetan language classes as well as spiritual culture. By the combination of modern and traditional knowledge, the children are empowered to lead a self-determined life and stay connected to their Himalayan tradition.eb26df87-7559-4d2d-ac23-bc8eb0c50935THIS wants to provide a comprehensive school education to the children from first grade to optional vocational training after the final exams.
Empowering Girls By Educating Them


Since our mission is to empower marginalised groups and preserve Himalayan traditions, EVA and its partners are committed to educating girls and incorporating cultural education at this school.  Moreover, we developed a curriculum that is dedicated to teaching the students about their own cultural traditions as well as those from across the Himalayas.
We believe that because of this programme, each student has a better understanding of their unique heritage and a chance to pursue higher-level education, specialized vocational training, or entry-level employment when they leave the school.
How you can help?
Long-term sponsorships or one-time donations – any kind of your support is appreciated as a precious contribution! With a sponsorship, you support not only the basic needs of the children but also the future development of Tise Himalayan International School.
Let’s help together to support these children for a prosperous future!  Please make a donation